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grab bars mounting guide
author: Grab bar [ 2010-01-22 18:21:37 ]

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1. Find the studs near your proposed grab bar location using a stud sensor or one of the techniques mentioned in the story. Make a light pencil mark at the center of each stud.

2. Find the edges of the studs by probing with a finish nail. Make a series of holes in an inconspicuous location, like directly above the tile, and mark both edges of the studs.

3. Extend the stud marks down to the grab bar location with a level. Place a strip of 1-1/ 2 in . masking tape on the tile to indicate the studs.

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4. Position the grab bar (see “Positioning Your Grab Bars,” right) so that at least two of the screw holes align with the studs. Then mark each hole with a grease pencil.

5. Drill a 1/8-in. hole with a glass-and-tile bit at the mark closest to the center of each stud to confirm the stud location. If you hit solid wood, drill the remaining holes. If not, poke a piece of bent wire through the hole and probe until you feel the stud. Reposition the grab bar and mark the holes over the new stud position.

6. Caulk the back of the grab bar mounting flange with tub-and-tile adhesive or silicone caulk.

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7. Screw the grab bar to the wall with the no. 10 or 12 stainless steel pan head screws supplied with the grab bar. They should penetrate the stud at least 1 in .

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8. Attach a vertical grab bar near the tub edge, following the procedures shown in Photos 1 – 7. The bottom of the bar should be about 32 in . to 38 in . above the floor. Yank both grab bars to test for a strong connection.